High Maintenance Home Improvements

Additional Services

High Maintenance Home Improvements provides additional services to make your home more comfortable and provides the high maintenance.

All products used to provide these services are state of the art and of the best quality available in today's market. We guarantee all of our work and the products we use have varying warranties according to the manufacturers specifications.

High Maintenance Home Improvements supply and install;

Edmonds SolaBrite skylights
Spinaway roof ventilators
Pergolas and decking


The SolaBrite is the perfect way to illuminate small, dimly lit rooms. Available in a 300mm and 400mm diameter size. It allows natural light to enter through a roof mounted, high impact acrylic dome. Flexible foil tubing in conjunction with upper and lower reflector rings carries the light to a prismatic diffuser. Natural light appears from the ceiling diffuser giving a similar effect to that of a powered light.

Features Of Solabrite

  • 300mm and 400mm diameter natural skylight.
  • One base fits all major roof types.
  • Top and bottom highly reflective aluminium rings.
  • Attractive ceiling ring and diffuser.
  • High impact acrylic, low profile dome.
  • 2m high grade reflective tubing.

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Roof Ventilation

Spinaway Mkll Roof Ventilators

The Spinaway Mkll ventilation system is effective all year-round, removing hot and moisture-laden air from roof cavities and replacing summer heat and winter damp with fresh air.

Up to 12 litres of moisture finds its way into your roof cavity every day from bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. This moisture can promote mould, mildew, rot, odours and peeling paintwork. The Spinaway Mkll is the perfect solution as it will help to eradicate this problem and therefore save you money.

Temperatures in your roof can reach up to 60°C, which effectively raises the room temperature in your home. This problem places a greater load on air conditioning and therefore increases your power bill.


The Spinaway Mkll comes complete with a 300mm throat diameter, turbine ventilator and base flashing to give you a simple, reliable and efficient way to ventilate your home with fresh air all year round. It comes with 2 high quality bearings, ensuring the system has a quieter operation. Australian Made from non-rust aluminium alloy.


The Spinaway Mkll has been tested and complies with AS2428.1 - 1993 to wind speeds up to 200km/h and to the entry of wind driven rain at a rate of 2.5 L/sec under cyclonic conditions.


Available in Mill Finish or a range of powder coated colours:
Armour Grey, Birch, Bowral Brown, Caulfield green, Ebony, Gull Grey, Heritage Red, Merino, Mist Green, Mountain Blue, Off White, Pale Terracotta, Rivergum, Slate Grey, Smooth Cream, Stone, Torres Blue, Tuscan Red, Wheat.


The Spinaway Mkll is so reliable that it comes with a 15 year warranty.


- No Running Costs
- Saves on household maintenance, reducing the damaging effects of moisture
- No fuss installation

How Many?: 

House size Units
90 / 110 Sq metres 1
160 / 180 Sq metres 2
220 / 270 Sq metres 3

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Pergolas and Decking

Can we build it?

High Maintenance Home Improvements' pergolas and decks will increase the usability and enhance the visual appeal of your home.

We can provide an outdoor living area with an innovative and inspired designed deck or pergola, to realise your imagined outdoor lifestyle. A comfortable space where your family and guests can enjoy a barbeque, a party or just socially wile away a balmy summer evening.

From the simplest of structures to the most technical, with your choice of materials from treated pine to high quality hardwoods, we can build it to suit your budget.

Yes we can.

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